A little about sushi. We welcome questions about sushi and Japanese food.

sushi roll

A maki roll

egg sushi

Egg sushi

What is sushi?

Literally “su” means vinegar, “shi” became short from “meshi”, which is rice, so “sushi” means vinegared rice. All kinds of foods: fish, vegetable, eggs, combined with vinagered rice can be made into attractive and tasty sushi.

Where does sushi come from?

From Japan. It was developed in the old city of Edo, old Tokyo, as a street food. It is now served in restaurants or eaten in homes as a take-away food.

Isn't it dangerous to eat raw fish?

No, but some doctors recommend that pregnant women and sensitive children could be away from tuna, a deep sea fish which may contain mercury.

I can't use chopsticks?

Japanese are happy to eat sushi with their fingers as well as chopsticks.

Will it fill me up?

Sushi combined with other Panes ingredients such as miso soup are an important energy source; filling without being heavy.

What do I eat with sushi?

Wasabi, ginger, soy on a tray

Wasabi, ginger and soy sauce.

Wasabi, soy sauce and ginger pickles give sushi zest.

What do I drink with sushi?

Anything you like sake (rice wine), beer, white wine and green tea.

Where can I get the ingredients

We recommend MacCallums of Troon at Finnieston in Glasgow (71 Holdsworth Street, Glasgow. tel: 0141 204 4456) for the freshest fish. The Clearspring brand of sushi ingredients are high quality and available from Grassroots in Woodlands Road in Glasgow.

More about sushi at Eat-Japan.com



sushi – raw fish, vegetables and vinaigrette rice dipped in wasabi (horseradish) and soy sauce.

maki rolls – vegetables , fish ad rice wrapped in nori (crispy seaweed sheets).

sashimi – raw sliced fish dipped in wasabi (horseradish) and soy sauce.

kara-age – deep fried chicken skewers with ginger (delicious cold).

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