Educator and chef

Kumiko has lived in Scotland since 2001. She quickly found out that sushi is not really available locally and started making her own. Friends encouraged her to start lessons and since 2002 she has been teaching Japanese cookery to people who come from all over the UK. Since 2003 she has been catering for special events and parties and demonstrating at festivals, schools and courses across Scotland.

She has been featured on television and has been guest chef in the Herald a number of times.

An eye for the world, and a nose for the best

Kumiko has not always been a chef. She has been a journalist, photographer and and a diamond saleswomen. Though born and brought up in Tokyo, Japan she has lived in Paris, New York, Amsterdam and London. All this adds up to an appreciation of different foods and nose for the best local ingredients.

What else does she do

As well as catering and teaching sushi Kumiko is an interpreter and teacher of Japanese. Kumiko is chair of the Scottish Japanese Residents Association and active as a cultural ambassador for Japan in Scotland.